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We offer our clients a wide range of tailored surveying engineering and mapping services and solutions tailored to address their project requirements. Our list of services includes: Topographic Mapping Surveys, Construction Layout and Staking Surveys, Control Monument Network Establishment, Hydrographic surveys, Underground utility mapping surveys, Master Planning Support Surveys, Subdivision Design and Layout, High Definition 3D laser, Scanning and Modeling, Alignment Planning Surveys, Mining Survey Services, Technical Manpower Supply, Deformation Surveys ,Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Geospatial Services.

Twozan Surveys, A Land Surveying Company, when it has to be accurate.

We conduct our business according to the highest professional standards and ethics. We shall only make committements we can keep and when we make them we must honor them. We treat others with respect and dignity. - Moaidh AlYami (CEO)

About Us

Our Skills

  • Topographic Mapping (experience since 2003)
  • Construction Layout (experience since 2003)
  • Control Monument (experience since 2003)
  • Hydrographic Surveys (usage since 2003)
  • Underground Utility Mapping (experience since 2003)
  • Master Planning Support (experience since 2003)
  • Subdivision Design (experience since 2003)
  • Alignment Planning (experience since 2003)
  • Mining Survey Services (experience since 2003)
  • Technical Manpower Supply (experience since 2003)
  • Deformation Surveys (experience since 2003)
  • HD 3D laser Scanning (experience since 2010)


Founded by Moaidh Alyami Twozan Surveys is a specialized professional land surveying and mapping company. The Company was founded in 2004 with the main headquarter located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We are licensed by the Saudi Council of Engineers (License no. 0/114) in our field of specialty. Twozan Surveys is also an ISO certified company (ISO-9001 and 14001) and member of Jeddah and Yanbu Chambers of Commerce.

Since it was founded, Twozan Surveys has steadily grown in size, level of experience, and reach to provide its clients with diverse professional and reliable services across Saudi Arabia and Gulf States. Twozan Surveys currently employs more than Sixty (60) employees applying state of the art surveying technology on wide spectrum of projects and applications. We execute our projects according to the highest and most recognized world class standards in all aspects of projects to deliver high quality, reliable and tailored geospatial solutions to our valued clients.

Our dynamic management approach and organization provide us with the opportunity to give special attention to each project we undertake. We Manage our projects in accord with latest professional project management standards to ensure every project is completed successfully within its planned resources and constraints. The quality of our end products and services, and the total satisfaction of our clients are never compromised with any other gains.


Our vision is to create an extraordinarily distinguished company offering complete range of Geospatial solutions utilizing state of the art technology and operated by exceptionally experienced team of professionals.


Our Mission is to provide our clients with timely, accurate, and affordable surveying services and contribute to sustainable growth and development of our national economy and social community and environment.


Our purpose is to enhance and improve the creation of sustainable development of our community and environment by providing decision makers, planners, and engineers with high standard Geospatial information to help them make the best informed decisions about the management and planning resources.



We conduct our business according to the highest professional standards and ethics. We shall only make commitments we can keep and when we make them we must honor them. We treat others with respect and dignity.

Innovation and Excellence

We will maintain excellent track record through excellence, innovation and leadership. We continuously analyse our processes and services and explore new ways for improvement. We predict change and trends in our industry, prepare and embrace it when we feel it will take us to new higher levels of excellence delivering our services. We lucratively reward excellent and high performers.

Health and Safety

The well being, health and safety of our employees is key to our success. We are committed to creating healthy and safe workplace. We do our utmost efforts to anticipate prevent possible causes of personal injury, damage to property or the environment.

Client Service

Our client’s success is celebrated by us as our own success. We strive to solve our clients problems and address their needs. We diligently respect and safeguard the confidentiality of our client’s data and information we have access to.


At Twozan Surveys we are fully aware that technology is thrusting our growth. As proven by our history, we have invested major sums of our revenue in the acquisition of high-end surveying engineering technology. We consider this vital to fulfilling our mission of delivering timely, reliable, and accurate services at affordable costs to our clients. More importantly, it is also aligned with our commitment to innovation and leadership principles.

We closely follow promising trends in technologies related to our business and adopt new technologies when we feel they will improve the productivity, accuracy, quality, or speed at which we deliver our services and considerably improve our internal operational processes. We also carefully analyze new technologies to make sure they do not conflict with our principles of valuing our people over technology.

If our guiding principles above are met after careful testing and study of new technology, we make sure that our team gets enough and proper training to efficiently operate and work with the newly adopted technology.We currently own and operate some of the most innovative surveying engineering technologies in the market.


2003: Founded as an individual ownership establishment in Jeddah.

2004: Global Positioning Systems used for the first time in our projects.

2007: New Branch was established at Yanbu Al Sinayiah and the company was then transformed into inclusive ownership company.

2008: Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) was first used in our projects and extended our services to cover neighboring GCC Markets with first project completed in Kuwait.

2009: Hydrographic Survey Division was setup.

2010: Acquired first 3D laser Scanning system and expanded our services to include high definition 3D laser scanning services.

2011: Acquired our first underground mapping system and expanded our services to include underground utility detection and mapping.

2012: Acquired Gatewing X100 close range aerial photogrammetry suite and expanded our services to include topographic mapping using close range aerial photography.

2013: Acquired 3D laser Scanning spatial station Trimble FX/VX and a professional 3D Laser Scanner.

2013: Acquired R10 GNSS System, Combined with Trimble Access and the TSC3, the Trimble R10 is the most powerful solution available on the market today, representing a new era in GNSS surveying. Click here for more information.



Topographic Surveying Company Services

We offer our clients a wide range of tailored surveying engineering and mapping services and solutions tailored to address their project requirements. Our list of services includes:

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Topographic Mapping Surveys

Topographic Mapping Surveys are carried out to document existing project site conditions for various purposes such as urban and regional planning, project design, road and utilities route design, site preparation and grading, quantity and volume calculation. Topographic Survey typically depicts the configuration of the ground surface details in addition to site planimetric details. Ground surface details are then represented on topographic maps of various sizes, scales and formats depending on the intended use of the maps.

Topographic data collection can be achieved using traditional survey total station systems or satellite based positioning systems. The amount of details, accuracy, site conditions, and project schedule constraints often determine the type of survey systems used. Both techniques (GNSS RTK or Conventional Total Stations) almost provide identical output and therefore can be used interchangeably.

At TwozanSurveys we realize und fully understand the importance of topographic data we deliver to our clients which is a vital input data into the project design and planning phases. High quality topographic data in terms of accuracy and completeness is guaranteed via faultless and well defined process of clearly identifying project objectives, professionally supervised field survey and mapping procedures, and more importantly, well established quality control and assurance processes throughout the entire project. All our deliverables are painstakingly tested and checked in accordance with highest professional standards.

TwozanSurveys has completed numerous topographic mapping projects for various types of engineering and planning purposes. Our list of featured projects shows some samples of our previous works of topographic mapping.


Construction Layout and Staking Surveys

Construction Layout and Staking Surveys are carried out to demark and flag the location (position) and elevation of construction elements on the ground based on approved IFC design plans and relative project coordinate system. Such elements include but not limited to foundations, axis lines, concrete slabs, utility lines, ditches, drainage channels, embankments, dikes, grades, road horizontal and vertical alignments, manholes, pipelines, culverts, street furniture, or any other design structure.

Construction layout and staking surveys can be carried out using conventional survey equipment (theodolites, total station, and levels) or Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS systems either combined or interchangeably. Various levels of accuracies can be specified and achieved depending on the type and significance of the construction feature. Based on the specified accuracy and site conditions, our specialist project team will select the type of field survey systems that will deliver the required accuracy.

Constructions Projects involve significant investments and commitment of human and financial resources. It also involves the use of highly expensive heavy equipment which is hired or committed to the project at very costly rates. Therefore, we carefully select and train our construction layout survey teams to deliver the most reliable survey services for our construction clients. Our excellent record of successfully completed construction survey projects proves that we have the know-how, experience, qualified team, cutting-edge technology, and professional approach that will meet and exceed your expectations.


Control Monument Network Establishment

Every project requires a number of reference points (monuments) which are surveyed in order to define their accurate position coordinates and elevations relevant to a common project coordinate system. A common coordinate system is vital for project success and integrity throughout the project planning, design, construction, and documentation phases. A network of well positioned project control monuments and bench marks are planned, constructed and accurately surveyed to serve as the project coordinate framework. All survey mapping and layout activities will be based on this network of control monuments.

Project control point coordinates and elevations are typically established using Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) static/fast static surveys, conventional traversing, and differential leveling. TwozanSurveys have extensive experience in the establishment of geodetic control point networks using both conventional and satellite-based positioning systems ranging from small project controls to regional and national geodetic networks. We also have extensive experience in tying project control monument network to other local, municipal, national, and global geodetic control networks. This is important for interfacing the project with existing or future adjacent development projects and documenting the project for update of municipal Land Information Systems, Geographic Information Systems, or for the generation of the project as-built plans.

We understand the importance of project control network and its impact on the project overall integrity and accuracy. Therefore, we adopt the highest professional standards in the selection and construction of survey control monuments in addition to the selection and implementation of the right technology to achieve the highest professional accuracy standards when determining the position coordinates and elevations of the control monument network.

We advise our clients to plan their project coordinate system and control network monuments as early as possible during the project initiation phase to ensure successful completion of the project. For assistance or more information, kindly contact one of our client relations representatives.


Hydrographic surveys

Hydrographic surveys are very important for off-shore and near shore coastal development projects. It provides the project design and construction teams with vital information about the configuration of the seabed terrain, tidal information and wave modeling, in addition to other valuable project input data. During the construction phase, hydrographic survey support is required for dredging works, offshore positioning of structures, and for post dredge volume computation surveys. In our quest to provide our clients with complete surveying services solutions, we have acquired highly qualified team of hydrographic survey engineers, technicians and operators and provided them with the most innovative and fully integrated hydrographic systems. Our hydrographic survey department is now ready to undertake the following hydrographic surveying services:

  • Pre and Post Dredging Operations support surveys
  • Navigation clearance and obstruction detection and verification surveys
  • Costal management and development surveys
  • Coastal engineering surveys
  • Off-shore drill barge positioning surveys
  • Tidal measurements and zoning and computations of vertical chart datum’s
  • Off shore shallow and deep draft navigation charting surveys
  • Harbor construction surveys
  • Off-shore environmental surveys
  • Sea bottom composition and vegetation mapping
  • Structural inspection and research surveys
  • Measurements of physical properties of the water column
  • Determination of the force and direction of water currents
  • Hydrographic surveys supporting monitoring and measuring contract performance
  • payment, and acceptance


Underground utility mapping surveys

Most planning and engineering agencies are faced with difficulties concerning underground utility line networks with no existing and accurate as-built maps. As-built maps are rarely available and when available, they are hard to gather from various sources, inaccurate and often based on the design plans not the actual as-built conditions. This could result in considerable project delays, costly accidents, infrastructure damage, service disruption, and increased unforeseen costs. TwozanSurveys employs different types and combinations of state of the art technologies in the detection and mapping of underground utility lines of various material types and depths with an unprecedented accuracy and high degree of certainty and reliability. Underground utility maps can be delivered separately or overlaid on ground surface detail and topographic maps in many industry standard formats. Our services include:

  • Underground utility detection, location and mapping
  • Geological investigation
  • Archeology Surveys
  • Structural inspection and damage prevention

The above services are achieved through the application of fully integrated utility mapping solutions including Global positioning systems, conventional survey techniques, Ground Penetrating Radar, and electromagnetic 3D remote sensing systems. Our services are done in the most professional manner without disturbing traffic or undermining the safety of the public. For more information, please contact one of our sales representatives.


Master Planning Support Surveys

City master planning requires essential geospatial information about the land being master planned. Such information can be in the form of regional large scale maps (transportation maps, utility maps, Public services location maps, subdivision maps, etc.) or other relevant non-spatial data such as population statistics, household average income, traffic intensity information, etc. TwozanSurveys has the tools and resources to provide its clients with reliable information that can be used as a basis for regional and city master planning. Our services include:

  • Establishment of multipurpose basemaps for urban and regional planning
  • Topographic and planimetric detail mapping for various purposes
  • Flood plain mapping and terrain modeling
  • Route planning support surveys for highways, roads, railways, and utility lines
  • Surveys and data collection of traffic studies
  • Demographic data collection, modeling, and representation of basemaps
  • Cadastral and real estate boundary surveys and collection of other non-spatial data related to master planning


Subdivision Design and Layout

If you have large piece of land track and would like to subdivide it into residential, commercial or industrial lots, we have accumulated years of experience and excellence in the development land subdivision according to highest standards. Our expert team will develop the best subdivision design that will enhance quality of life for future occupants, promote environmental sustainability, innovatively integrate with adjacent local communities, and more importantly maximize the value of your investment. Our services under this category include:

  • Detail topographic mapping of the land tract and its surrounding community, utility and transportation systems to determine the configuration of the land terrain and document surrounding flood and storm drainage systems and the general project site condition.
  • Property Boundary Survey to establish and document the boundary of the land tract, verify and detect and resolve any trespasses or encroachments, set up, and delineate the project boundary corners and boundary line markers.
  • Performance of detail mapping of existing utility networks (power, water, gas, sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems and the determination of existing utility connections.
  • Determination and analysis of existing local municipal subdivision and zoning regulations and ordinance which may have possible impact on the subdivision design.
  • Hydrographic surveys for subdivision projects developed with waterfronts.
  • Development of multiple subdivision concepts in close consultation with client
  • Development of the final subdivision plans in accordance with highest local, national, and international standards.
  • Development of individual lot boundary plans and the generation of lot boundary descriptions for ownership deed conveyances.
  • Development of the cadastral basemap for the developed subdivision on any specified Land Information System (LIS) database platform.
  • Registration and follow up with local authorities to approve the final subdivision design and issue all required permits.
  • Development of high quality 2D and 3D land subdivision presentations for marketing purposes.


High Definition 3D laser Scanning and Modeling

Highly detailed and congested sites are hard to survey using conventional survey techniques due to limited access and space and for other safety concerns. We have employed the relatively new 3D laser scanning technology in similar projects and produced excellent highly detailed 2D and 3D survey results. 3D laser scanning technology has many advantages over conventional survey techniques.

The surveyed site objects are remotely sensed using laser beam. Project site can be measured from various standing points without need for direct contact or occupation of the measured objects. This type of survey is excellent for survey of congested roadways; there is no need for full or partial road closing to obtain the required survey measurements. The resultant deliverables are highly detailed 3D replica model depicting the exact geographic position, dimensions, and actual surface color of the scanned object or surface in virtual space.  Two and Three dimensional as-built plans can be generated from the 3D model for any top, side view, or cross section which can be used for any other engineering design application on any industry standard CADD application.

The generated 3D model; tied to common reference coordinate system, reflecting the exact dimensions, shape, and location of existing facilities and structures greatly assists the design team best fit newly planned expansion structures or facilities with great certainty. Digital photos are captured along with the scanning process from colors and textures of the scanned surfaces are projected into the final 3D model which helps the end user visualize and walk through the project site on his computer screen without any need for repeated site visits. 3D Laser scanning generates more details and therefore enables more versatile use of the generated object model.


  • Engineering design and planning inside heavily congested industrial complexes such as petrochemical, power, and water desalination plants.
  • Safety and evacuation planning.
  • Heritage preservation and maintenance surveys
  •  Inspection and maintenance planning
  • Reverse Engineering applications and 3D physical to digital reproduction
  • Creation of 3D models for dies and molds
  • Generation of as-built data for project documentation
  • Ground Surface topographic and feature detail mapping for inaccessible areas such as roads or steep and rocky terrains
  • Archeological studies, restoration, maintenance and documentation projects.
  • Architectural studies and modeling applications
  • Transportation studies and forensic investigation of accident and crime scenes
  • Mining Industry applications such as the determination of material volume
  • Virtual site tours and walk-through of project site in a 3D computer replica/model
  • Tunnel Construction and development
  • Confirmation of structural as-built conformity to standard design and reliability
  • Virtual examination of structural fitting, conflict, collision, or interference possibilities
  • Contaminated landfill surveys and terrain modeling


Alignment Planning Surveys

Route planning surveys are conducted for many types of development projects such as highways, roads, railways, pipelines, power transmission lines, etc. The challenging task of the planning engineer is to select the best route for the intended project out of numerous alignment alternatives that will maximize the social and economical benefits of the project and reduce costs. In order to achieve the project goals, project planning engineers needs reliable geospatial information for the project area for them to make the right decisions when planning the alignment of the project. This often includes an up-to-date topographical, cadastral survey data, in addition to highly detailed survey maps of existing site features and utility lines. Twozan Surveys applies the most reliable and efficient experience, technology, and techniques to gather the required information in a timely and accurate manner. This will significantly reduce the project’s planning and construction costs and delays, deliver the best environmental solutions, and maximize community benefits from the project. Coordination with authorities for deed document issuance.


Mining Survey Services

Twozan Surveys offers clients in the mining industry complete set of surveying services tailored for all project stages including geological exploration, modeling, design, top soil stripping, drilling, blasting, pre-strip activities, dragline operations, and rehabilitation. We employ effective and innovative surveying technology in addition to our proven surveying experience to ensure the success and proper management any open-cut or underground mining project. Our Services include:

  • Establishment of project survey control monument network and baselines
  • Topographic measurements using conventional or 3d laser scanning techniques
  • Volume calculation for stock piles, queries, and earth material movement
  • Terrain modeling
  • Survey and update site layout plans
  • Road and ramp stakeout
  • High wall surveying
  • Stock pile monitoring and volume computation surveys
  • Machine control stakeout surveys
  • Blast Control stakeout surveys
  • Safety accident investigation surveys


Technical Manpower Supply

One of our most prominent services is the assignment of professional and technical survey staff with specialized knowledge, skills, and practical experience as per the requirement and special needs of our client’s operations and projects. This assignment can be done based on mutual agreement with our clients for any specified period of time during any project life cycle. The assigned staff normally works under the management and supervision of the client’s project management team to apply their specialized skills and knowledge survey related project aspects. This service can be tailored as per client’s needs in terms of staff specialty, work location, working hours, equipment, etc. Therefore, various arrangements can be reached in agreement with clients. Available staff includes:

  • Resident Survey Project Managers
  • Survey Supervisors
  • Licensed Geodetic/Survey Engineers
  • Survey Crew Chiefs
  • Licensed Hydrographic Surveyors
  • Survey Instrument Operators
  • CADD Designers and Drafting Technicians
  • GIS analysts
  • GIS specialists
  • Cartographers

The above listed staff can be assigned individually or as members of survey teams formed as per the client’s project requirements. Our staff is trained on standard recognized project management practices which enable them to effortlessly adapt and work efficiently as members of any mature project management team. In addition to their special technical duties, they will perform any required project management duties related to project schedule and time management, project communication and reporting tasks, project safety plan, and project quality control and assurance plans.


Deformation Surveys

Deformation surveys are carried out to measure and document horizontal and vertical movement or settlement of any natural or manmade structure or surface due to external natural or man-made causes. Deformation measurement data are processed and compared against fixed measurement baseline to determine the magnitude and direction of movement. It provides specialist engineers with important input data that will be used in the analysis of the structural deformation and actions to be taken to deal with the causes/consequences in order to mitigate or eliminate possible risks and structural safety. Deformation usually happens in small unseen magnitudes over a period of time. In some occasions, structural deformation is visually noticed in the form of unusual cracks. This requires accurate and periodically repeated measurements on carefully selected locations. It can be done using one or combination of manual or automatic measurement systems to ensure proper detection of possible deformation.

Deformation happens due to many causes such as natural seismic activity, structure aging, earth moving activities, piling activities, improper soil compaction, unbalanced structural loads, etc. Deformation surveys are carried out to monitor the following sample structures:

  • Dams and Embankments
  • Rail Tracks
  • Tunnels
  • Buildings
  • Retaining walls
  • Bridge supports, beams, and columns
  • Landslides and settlements
  • Structural Cracks and load testing measurements


Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Geospatial Services

Operating from the main source of world energy, we offer our clients in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries with geospatial services that will allow them to efficiently plan and manage their resources and make the right decisions at the right time. Twozan Surveys offers its clients in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries with the following services:

  • Support services for oil field seismic surveys
  • Accurate satellite based positioning
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Oil/Gas well surveys
  • Rig Surveys
  • Horizontal/vertical alignment surveys
  • Pad and site preparation surveys
  • Top drive alignment
  • Off-shore positioning surveys
  • 3D high definition surveys
  • Geographic Information Systems


Our Projects

Working closely with our clients all accross the country and on neighboring gulf states, we have successfully completed numerous projects of different types, scales, and deciplines earning admiration and satisfaction of our clients. Our list of completed projects demonstrate our ability to fulfill our mission and deliver diverse surveying engineering solutions on timely manner and conforming to the highest professional standards.

Have a look through our Projects

Jeddah Strom Water Drainage Program

This Project was awarded to us by our client, AECOM awarded us this contract to furnish full range of surveying services for the JSDP project in Jeddah. The main objective of this project is to study, redesign, and upgrade Jeddah storm drainage system. The rendered survey services include topographic surveys, bathymetric surveys, construction layout and staking, construction verification surveys, utility mapping, and site photography and documentation.

Client:  AECOM Corporation, Owner: Imarat Makkah Al Mukaramah, Project Management: Saudi Aramco
Project Duration:  22 Nov 2011 to till Date (Open)
Work Location:  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Rabigh Power Plant II – Surveying Services

This project was awarded to us by our client, Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction Co. Ltd. (South Korea) to provide them with complete land surveying services for the Rabigh Power Plant II Construction Project. Our services included the supply of Three (3) fully equipped field survey crews, survey draftsman, and survey supervisor. The role of our field survey crews was to establish and maintain the project ground control point network and verify all types of survey activities carried out by subcontractors.

Client:  Doosan Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. Owner: Saudi Electricity Company
Project Duration:  01 Sep 2010 to till Date
Work Location:  Rabigh, Saudi Arabia

MODA Water front Development Project

A major development project for the development of Yanbu Industrial City waterfront including site preparation and grading, off-shore dredging and piling, construction of site storm and sewer drainage system, road construction, the establishment and construction of utility service lines (power, water, irrigation, telecom), in addition to the construction of various structures such as mosques, water and septic tanks, culverts, and landscaping. Our role was to provide all land and construction surveying services to this project including the provision of survey project manager, two (2) fully equipped conventional survey crews, one (1) fully equipped GNSS/GPS survey crew, in addition to one (1) fully equipped hydrographic survey crew and two (2) survey draftsmen.

Client:  Rabia Trading and Agriculture Co. Ltd. Owner: Royal Commission – Yanbu
Project Duration:  18 Months
Work Location:  Yanbu,Industrial City, Saudi Arabia

Petro Rabigh Phase II Expansion Project

Our client Japan Gulf Company (JGC) awarded us this survey project which involved the establishment and survey of project Ground Control Monument network and the performance of topographic and site feature mapping and borehole positioning.

Client:  Japan Gulf Company (JGC). Owner: Saudi Aramco & Sumitomo (Joint Venture)
Project Duration:  Three Months
Work Location:  Rabigh, Saudi Arabia

Aerial Survey Control Establishment for Multiple Projects

FugroMaps – Saudi Arabia awarded us this contract to establish and survey ground control points for various aerial photography and mapping projects in different locations nationwide. Our role was to plan, establish, and survey the required (GCP’s) using static GNSS/GPS technique. The supplied services also included the processing of the field GNSS data, computation and adjustment of ground point coordinates and preparation of survey reports.

Client:  Fugro/Maps – Saudi Arabia Owner: Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
Project Duration:  Six Months
Work Location:  (Multiple Locations)Riyadh, Makkah, Jeddah, Abha, Jubail, and Ras Al Zour

Marafiq Power Plant II Construction – Topographic Surveys

Our client Hanwha Corporation (South Korea) awarded us this survey project which involved the establishment and survey of project Ground Control Monument network and the performance of topographic and site feature mapping and borehole positioning.

Client:  Hanwha Corporation Owner: Marafiq, Saudi Aramco, Royal Commission and SABIC joint venture
Work Location:  Yanbu Industrial City, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah South Thermal Power Plant Project

Topographic Survey for the project area of approximate 6,500,000 m² and verification of exciting control points. The work also includes the construction of 4 new Bench Marks and installation by Static method and deferential leveling.

Client:  Osaimi Engineering Office, Owner: Samsung, SEC
Project Duration:  2 Months
Work Location:  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Faesalia Extension Project

Topographic survey for the 900,000m² area.

Client:  CDM, Owner: NWC, Project Management: NWC
Project Duration:  2 Months
Work Location:  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Survey of urban buildings, King Abdul-Aziz University

Survey of urban buildings, King Abdul-Aziz University – Jeddah ,drawings preparation and data sheets for the interior of the university buildings.

Client:  Khatib & Alami Consolidated Engineering Company,
Work Location:  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah Sport City Phase 4

All survey services for Osaimi Engineering Office and BH staking.

Client:  Saudi Aramco , Owner: Saudi Aramco , Project Management: Saudi Aramco
Work Location:  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Yanbu II Power & Water Project

Topographic survey for Pipeline route of 18 km in Yanbu Industrial city.
Work Location:  Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Yanbu II Power & Water Project

Topographic survey for 1,633,200 m² site including establishment of 14 bench marks.

Work Location:  Yanbu RC II, Saudi Arabia

Rehabilitation & Expansion of Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Topographic Survey and establishment of 3 new Bench Marks.

Client:  Halla Energy and Environment,
Work Location:  Yanbu , Saudi Arabia

KFIP Yanbu Port Side Logistic Facility (PLF) For EMDAD Project

Topo Survey and Subdivision for site of area 105 hectares in KFIP Royal Commission.

Client:  SABIC,
Work Location:  Yanbu RC, Saudi Arabia

Research Park Infrastructure, King Abdullah University of Science (KAUST)

Detailed topographic Survey for site of approximately 370 hectares.

Client: Salem Saleh Al-Hareth EST, Owner: Saudi Aramco,
Work Location:  Saudi Arabia

KGOC Gas and NGL Export System, Khafji and Kuwait

Topographic Survey for pipeline route and bathymetric survey for the landfall areas in KSA & Kuwait. Staking the pipeline centerline and establishment of 8 bench marks.

Client:  Penspen Limited,
Work Location:  Khafji and Kuwait


Topographic Survey and BM establishment in JUBAIL 2 INDUSTRIAL AREA.

Work Location:  Jubail, Saudi Arabia

IDEA Polyselicon Project

Topographic Survey and BM establishment in ROYAL COMMISSION HEAVY INDUSTRIAL AREA in YANBU CITY.
Work Location:  Yanbu RC, Saudi Arabia

King Haled Intl Airport & Environs – Topographic Survey‏

Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utility Services for approximate area of 570 hectares and 55 km furnished roads.

Client:  Fugro Maps Saudi Arabia Ltd Survey Division,
Work Location:  Saudi Arabia

Static survey for Areal Photogrammetric Project,

The work includes the static survey for 44 location in West Riyadh Area.

Client:  Fugro Maps Saudi Arabia Ltd Survey Division,
Work Location:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Topographic Survey for Petro Rabigh Phase II PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT

Topographic Survey for the petrochemical project area of approximate 750 hectares and verification of 39 exciting control points. The work also includes the construction of 3 new Bench Marks and installation by traverse method and deferential leveling .

Client: Fugro Maps Saudi Arabia Ltd Survey Division ,
Work Location:  Rabigh, Saudi Arabia

Geotechnical Investigations MYAS Project, Yanbu

Setting out of bore holes in Yanbu, Industrial city.

Work Location: Yanbu RC, Saudi Arabia

JERP#1 project-2020 “Export Refinery Jubail”

Topographical survey for sites and setting out 45 bore holes.

Client: Tecnicas Reunidas Gulf Ltd.
Work Location:  Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Security fence and fence lighting for sea water intake channel

Lay-out of the columns of the Security Fence along both sides of MARAFIQ sea water intake channel in YANBU.

Client: ALFYA CONSTRACTING EST, Owner: Marafiq
Work Location:  Yanbu, Saudi Arabia


Saudi Aramco Contract NO. :6600023084 CONSTRUCTION OF REGIONAL SECURITY CONTROL CENTER BUILDING-YANBU. Establishment of control Bench Marks, grading and volume calculation, lay-out surveys and leveling.

Client: Kwadder Al-Watan Group ,
Work Location:  Yanbu, Saudi Arabia


Saudi Aramco, Contract NO. :6600023169 , CONSTRUCTION OF REGIONAL SECURITY CONTROL CENTER, Establishment of control Bench Marks, grading and volume calculation, lay-out surveys and leveling.

Client: Kwadder Al-Watan Group,
Work Location:  Yanbu, Saudi Arabia


Saudi Aramco Contract NO. :6600023083 CONSTRUCTION OF REGIONAL SECURITY CONTROL CENTER BUILDING-RAS TANURA, Establishment of control Bench Marks, grading and volume calculation, lay-out surveys and leveling.

Client:Kwadder Al-Watan  ,
Work Location:  RAS, Saudi Arabia


Staking out the location of 228 shot points for Saudi ARAMCO oil well in AL HOFUF.

Client:Baker Atlas,
Work Location:  Al Hofuf, Saudi Arabia

Filmaster Events KAUST Openning Ceremony

Layout of tents foundations also provided accurate elevations.

Client:Ideas Plus LLC and ES Projects ,
Work Location:  Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco Mobile Refinery Construction of Park & Play Field

Involves various surveying applications such as establishment of control network, grading and volume calculation, topographic survey and leveling.

Client: Rabya Trading & Agricultural Co,
Work Location: Saudi Arabia

School Construction Project – Royal Commission, Yanbu

Topographic survey for earthwork and volume calculation and eventually construction lay-out surveys.

Client: Kawader Al-Watan Group,
Work Location:  Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Bin Daajam Oil Storage Tank Farm Construction

Comprises of topographic survey for earthwork and volume calculation and eventually construction lay-out surveys for oil storage tanks.

Client: Ayedh Bin Daajam Co.,
Work Location:  Saudi Arabia

Bin Daajam Control Network Establishment

Involved the establishment and monumenting of control network points complete with precise geographic coordinates and elevation.

Client: Ayedh Bin Daajam Co.,
Work Location: Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah Economic City Resort Cove Phase 1-Zone (E1)

Rabya Trading & Agricultural Co. is the sub-contractor for Emaar Co. (The Economic City). Established construction lay-out surveys for 270 residential Villas. The Project involved layout of building foundations, roads and utilities. Also provided accurate invert levels for the foundation of column necks, fence and respective water tanks for each Villa.

Client: Rabya Trading & Agricultural Co.,
Work Location:  The Economic City, Saudi Arabia

Al Yammama Steel Factory

Performed highly detailed and accurate construction lay-out surveys for the establishment of Al Yammama Steel Factory.

Client: Al Yammama Co.,
Work Location:  Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Yanbu Natural Gas Liquid Plant Expansion

Al Hammam Co. is the main contractor for Saudi Aramco. Provided all construction layout surveys for the foundation, grading, earthworks and volume calculation.

Client: Al Hammam Co.,
Work Location:  Yanbu, Saudi Arabia


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