Aircraft Compass Calibration

Aircraft Compass Calibration Pad Survey

Various types of aircrafts are equipped with different types of magnetic compasses to aid in navigation. Aircraft magnetic compasses are subject to errors caused by modifications made to aircraft during maintenance routines. Therefore, aircraft compasses should be calibrated on regular basis after every maintenance task to ensure that correct headings are obtained at all times. This is achieved by swinging the aircraft compass over a Compass Calibration Pad (CCP) with accurately marked compass headings (Compass Rose) and noting the variation between the CCP headings and the obtained aircraft compass headings.

Compass Calibration Pads (CCP’s) are constructed in magnetically quiet zones free of any magnetic influences for use during aircraft magnetic compass calibrations. We offer the following services for CCP magnetic surveys:

♦  Perform an initial site visual inspection, note possible magnetic anomalies on site.
♦  Establish Controls via GNSS Survey; CCP Center point, and true North heading.
♦  Design CCP grid of points in CAD and accurately mark them on site.
♦  Mapping any visible magnetic anomaly within CCP site magnetic influence zone.
♦  Perform a preliminary proton magnetometer survey to evaluate CCP site suitability.
♦  Perform magnetic declination variations check surveys.
♦  Perform magnetic direction verification survey for existing CCP’s.
♦  Re-calibration of existing CCP's and establishing new ones.

Our services satisfy advisory circulars and standards issued by many civil aviation authorities including but not limited to the following:

  • UFC 3-260-01, Airfield and Heliport planning and Design, US Department of Defense.
  • AC 150/5300-13A, Federal Aviation Administration.
  • AC 139-15; Establishing a Compass Swinging Site at Your Aerodrome; Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority.
  • AC 43-7; Calibration of Compasses and Surveying Compass Swing Sites; Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.

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