Overhead Crane Alignment Surveys

Excessive and uneven wearing of an overhead crane wheels in storage and dispatch warehouses are primarily caused by horizontal misalignment or departure from standard rail gauge or vertical misalignment of the rails. Horizontal misalignment results in wear due excessive horizontal forces. Vertical (level) misalignment results in wear due to uneven distribution of weight. Crane rail misalignments are caused by various reasons such as incorrect initial installation of the crane rails and supporting structure, settlements in supporting structure and columns, overload impact, etc.

Replacement of crane wheels is time consuming and costly and often results in prolonged and costly production downtime. An accurate millimeter-level accuracy survey is necessary to detect the magnitude and location of any horizontal or vertical deviations for maintenance and re-alignment of the crane rails.

Twozan Surveys offer the following services:

♦  Permanent control survey bench marks establishment.
♦  Performance of horizontal and vertical alignment surveys using various technologies:
          ♦ Conventional survey techniques.
          ♦ 3D Laser scanning.
♦  Data processing/analysis and preparation of 3D and 2D survey drawings depicting survey results:
          ♦ Deviation from standard center to center span.
          ♦ Rail straightness.
          ♦ Elevation misalignment - individual rails and rail to rail deviation.
♦ Delivery of certified survey report highlighting misalignment issues and presenting recommendations for corrective actions.

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