Construction Layout

Construction Layout and Staking Surveys

Construction Layout and Staking Surveys are carried out to demark and flag the location (position) and elevation of construction elements on the ground based on approved IFC design plans and relative project coordinate system. Such elements include but not limited to foundations, axis lines, concrete slabs, utility lines, ditches, drainage channels, embankments, dikes, grades, road horizontal and vertical alignments, manholes, pipelines, culverts, street furniture, or any other design structure.

Construction layout and staking surveys can be carried out using conventional survey equipment (theodolites, total station, and levels) or Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS systems either combined or interchangeable. Various levels of accuracies can be specified and achieved depending on the type and significance of the construction feature. Based on the specified accuracy and site conditions, our specialist project team will select the type of field survey systems that will deliver the required accuracy.

Constructions Projects involve significant investments and commitment of human and financial resources. It also involves the use of highly expensive heavy equipment, which is hired or committed to the project at very costly rates. Therefore, we carefully select and train our construction layout survey teams to deliver the most reliable survey services for our construction clients. Our excellent record of successfully completed construction survey projects proves that we have the know-how, experience, qualified team, cutting-edge technology, and professional approach that will meet and exceed your expectations.

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